July 6, 2022

Thanks Obama Meme. Everything is barack obamas fault; Thanks obama. it was the joke that kept on giving and going, the meme that kept on getting more memorable.

[Image 489994] Thanks, Obama! Know Your Meme
[Image 489994] Thanks, Obama! Know Your Meme from knowyourmeme.com

Obama himself became aware of the meme and referenced it on more than one occasion. President obama played into the meme about how he gets blamed for everything, joking thanks obama while discussing how his administration prevented another. Jenkinl1302 says he got the idea from fellow imgurian @staleman.

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Usually, the subject is struggling with a simple task or something trivial is happening to them. Haha i feel we should bring this back! Obama # barack obama # barack # thanks obama # robin eisenberg.

The Trump Years Will Likely Spawn Their Own Memes, But For Now We Can Only Say Thanks, Obama:

The earliest known use of the hashtag on twitter can be attributed to jessie livesay, a mother of three and a high school teacher in dayton, ohio, who tweeted a message expressing her disapproval of the new healthy food laws on august 30th, 2011.the first notable wave of #thanksmichelleobama tweets took place in april 2014, though it didn't gain much traction. Obamas failure is looking to be so complete he will ahnd the republicans the white house for another 8 years. And of course, we can never forget our favorite 'thanks obama' gif:

In A 2016 Interview, The President Concluded His Remarks On.

My rival picked the better starter thanks obama. It seemed as if it would never die. Everything is barack obamas fault;

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And if you enjoyed these thanks obama memes, then you'll definitely want to. The visual content of this image is harassing me or someone i know. To me this is just good ol’ internet humor.

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The best site to see, rate and share funny memes! Everything is barack obamas fault; R/politics seems to have invaded r/adviceanimals thanks obama.