May 27, 2022

How To Reverse Ewallet On Fnb App. Alternatively, you can follow the following procedure: To reverse ewallet on fnb, follow the steps below:

How To View Username On FNB App【CLICK HERE】
How To View Username On FNB App【CLICK HERE】 from

How do i reverse ewallet on fnb app? There's no service/option to reverse the payment online or via the mobile app. On the fnb app, how can you reverse an ewallet payment?

Other Important Details On Ewallet Reversal.

Clients may use the fnb ewallet to transfer money to a cellphone number (your wallet), and the money can be retrieved immediately at any fnb atm. Select the amount you want to withdraw. Choose the payment you wish to reverse.

Alternatively, You Can Follow The Following Procedure:

What happens when the ewallet pin expires? Key in the atm pin you received via sms. You must contact the ewallet call center at 087 575 9405 for additional help in order to reverse the money.

Choose Option 4 (Send Money).

Unfortunately, your ewallet transaction reversal won't immediate. In order to reverse a transaction, you must first select it. You'll be charged r50 for requesting a reversal and fnb doesn't guarantee you'll get your money back.

The Fnb Ewallet Reversal Number For Cellphone Banking Is 087 575 9405.

Unfortunately, there's currently no option to reverse ewallet with the fnb app and internet banking. Select 'more options' followed by 'send or receive money' select 'send money to ewallet' enter your date of birth. Select option 3 for ewallet reversal select the transaction that you want to reverse.

In Case Of Any Inquiries With Regards To How To Reverse Ewallet On App, Call 087 575 0362.

Fnb and standard banks permit free money withdrawals at specified retailers. How to reverse ewallet payment on fnb app (2021) one of the easiest ways of sending money across is the ewallet service from fnb, which many people have turned to because it is one of the simplest, efficient, and cheapest ways of sending money to friends and family or to pay for purchases. There is no option to reverse an ewallet transaction once you have sent the money.

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