August 16, 2022

How To Build Zhongli. We decided to write this guide to help you learn more about zhongli. Physical dps zhongli is the only build to prioritize rain of.

My Zhongli Build Genshin Impact Official Community
My Zhongli Build Genshin Impact Official Community from

Should i build him as a geo sub dps? One of the best weapons to get started with on zhongli is the prototype grudge. Possesses 150% dmg absorption against all elemental and physical dmg.

But What These Buffs Did Was Make Zhongli’s Entire Kit Stronger And More Cohesive By Making It So That All Of His Abilities Scale Off Of Hp.

Here’s c0 zhongli max level shield stats. Zhongli is one of the best and easiest support characters to use and build in genshin impact. Zhongli is a playable geo character in genshin impact.

You Will Need One Silver, Nine Fragments, Nine Chunks, And Gemstones.

He would be in my xiao team, in wich there are xiao as main dps, albedo and i was planning on using venti (that i dont have rip). How do i get it d: All the items required to change c0 zhongli to s tier support i.

Should I Build Him As A Geo Sub Dps?

One of the best weapons to get started with on zhongli is the prototype grudge. This weapon can be enhanced easily since it is craftable, and it'll increase your atk after using a skill, which zhongli will be doing plenty of in battle. As you can see, at max lvl the shield will take 23% from zhongli’s max hp and convert it into additional shield absorption.

If There Are Nearby Targets With The Geo Element, It Will Drain A Large Amount Of Geo Element From A Maximum Of 2 Such Targets.

Since his elemental skill can debuff enemies and protect teammates, maximizing his abilities would help you a lot during boss fights. On top of bumping your physical damage up by 25% at two pieces, the full set adds a unique attack buff when using your elemental skill, dominus lapidis. The best build for zhongli would be a burst and support.

This Is What Makes Him Such A Versatile Unit.

Silvers, fragments, chunks, and gemstones of this version of prithiva topaz are also needed when ascending zhongli. The shield's dmg absorption scales based on zhongli's max hp. How should i build him?