August 19, 2022

Bungee Workout. Experience the thrill & exhileration! It is designed to complement the way your body moves.

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A bungee workout is a perfect alternative to the sometimes monotonous world of. Bungee workout is a high intensity exercise, as it burns calories and fat through short and intense bursts of physical exertion paired with intervals of brief rest. Bungee fitness is the latest trend of fitness craze.

Bungee Fitness Combines A Cardiovascular Workout With Resistance Training.

Our bungee workout offers a fun and high intensity interval cardio training (hiit) that allows you to float weightlessly over the floor, flying and jumping like superman. Experience the thrill & exhileration! Bungee fitness is a new way to get fit by performing exercises while attached to bungee cords that are securely anchored on opposite side of platform.

With A Bungee Workout, You Can Rock A Challenging Exercise Routine, Create Impossible Shapes Both On And Off The Floor, And Gracefully Defy Gravity, All While Having The Time Of Your Life.

Since it is a workout based loosely on the circus arts, combined with core and resistance training, it’s a fun way to exercise that really packs a workout punch. You’ll be strapped into a harness that is attached to a resistant bungee rope, which is suspended from the ceiling of the studio. According to legend, the bungee workout was first conceptualized in thailand at a bangkok dance studio.

Borne Out Of A Wealth Of Experience And Knowledge From The World Of Fitness, Dance And Aerial Theatre, Bungee Workout™ Is A Unique Technique Using Your Body To Bounce, Burn And.

Improves the core strength of the trainee. The use of bungees adds resistance, increasing cardio. Tabata bungee is a high intensity 30 min workout.

What Is Bungee Workout™ Flying In The Face Of Fitness:

A bungee workout is a perfect alternative to the sometimes monotonous world of. Tabata bungee can burn more fat than an hour of low. Few health benefits of bungee workouts are listed below.

Although Impact Is Always Low, Intensity Is Always Read More About Classes[…]

Health benefits of bungee workout. Seriously addictive and delivering an exercise experience you never thought possible, you’ll get hooked and high with bungee workout™ Throughout the class, you will use your body to push against the bungee cord.